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Fatherland is a global space for afrocentric ecosystem, lifestyle and brands aimed to meet people’s economic, recreational, educational, and entertainment needs by creating community hubs, cultural, art, spiritual, and tourist destinations.

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Social Networking

Stay Connected with family and friends. Start a group and join a conversation.

Join Fatherland Social Community.
Stay Connected with friends.
Join meaningful conversations.
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Travel and Tourism

Immerse yourself in Afrocentric destinations

Fantastic Destinations.
Vibrant African Culture.
Unforgettable Memories.

Learning and Coaching

Dive deep into Afrocentric culture and history with our educational resources

Learn about African Culture.
Resources on African History.
Acquire new knowledge.
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Food and Restaurant

Indulge in a culinary journey that celebrates the Afrocentric cuisine.

Local Delicacies
African Food History.
Experience unique cuisines.

Artistic Shopping

Explore Afrocentric craftsmanship through our shopping experiences.

Generational Arts.
Exquisite Craftsmanship.
Beautiful Art Pieces.
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Digital Banking

Perform monetary transactions with ease and utmost security.

Money Transfer.
Travel & Health Insurance.
Secure Transactions.

Ticket and Events

Stay connected and engaged with our vibrant lineup of events and concerts

Enjoyable Events.
Seamless Ticketing.
247 Support.
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Entertainment and Experience

Enjoy a wonderful experience with lots of entertaining contents.

Always stay entertained.
Hundreds of engaging content.
Have a wonderful experience.

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